Why Choose a 1 Day Workshop?

NLP Workshops are the perfect way to discover what NLP has to offer.
During a NLP Workshop you learn how you can apply NLP Techniques in your life, both personally and profesionally.

What Will You Learn In This Course?

Depending on which workshop you choose you will at least learn some common knowledge en basic skills, like:

  • Understanding the NLP Communication Model
  • Keys to an achievable outcome
  • How to gain rapport with anyone
  • How people experience the world
  • Goalsetting
  • And much more……

What Workshop Can I Choose?

NLP In One Day
Because you are curious and interested in NLP, but you want to explore the subject more deeply before commiting to fully learning and investing in it

NLP for Personal Trainers
Because you want to help your clients get better results and you want to understand what is holding them back

NLP for Network Marketers
Because you want to become a (better) Network Marketer and you want to learn the fundamentals of success

What’s Included In Your Investment of 125,-

– Invest in Yourself, It Pays the Best Interest- 

  • 1 Day Live-Training , in well established hotel venues ( in a safe environment with a maximum of 18 participants)
  • Refreshments provide throughout the day
  • We provide lunch
  • Certificate of Participation



What other people say

I am honored to write this recommendation for Caroline! She is one of the most passionate, motivating and inspirational individuals I have ever had the pleasure to work with. A lot of people talk about how much they learn from their mentors… and I agree that we can learn a lot from our mentors and teachers. I also have to say that I learn as much or more from my students and clients as I do my teachers. Caroline is one of those individuals! She has a “do what it takes” mindset and stretches herself to grow to new levels all of the time. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with her will be so lucky and satisfied with what value and wisdom she will bring to you. Caroline is a world-class teacher, mentor and a blessing to this planet!

Stephane Schafeitel 🇺🇸

Succes Training Co

I have know Caroline for a few years now. We met in the Coaching and Training world, and she is always a refreshing burst of energy. She is very kind and compassionate and very skilled in the area of Coaching and Training. She is thoughtful and follows through with what she says, which is becoming harder and harder to find in people these days. She is top on my list for someone you can ‘count on’ to do what she says. Her speaking skills are amazing and she engages her audience and captures their attention. If you are thinking of working with Caroline… don’t think about, do it now! You will be so happy you did!

Shalee Schafeitel 🇺🇸

Succes Training Co.

Don't wait any longer to create life you deserve!

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